Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 Goals

Well, we were challenged in EDM to put down our art goals for 2008. My Goal Buddy stated that I did them fast lol. It wasn't that they were done hastily, they were already at the forefront of my mind and it felt good to write them down.

I think about them a lot and having a Goal Buddy will challenge me to push past anxieties, begin trying to get those things that I see in my dreams out of my head, and begin to get things done.

I will probably add more as the year progresses, but these are the things that are on my mind a lot.

My Art Goals for 2008

5:44 PM 12/31/2007

*I plan to doodle/draw SOMETHING everyday--I did this in the summer but need to return

*I plan to start atleast 3 more sketchbooks this year--I organized the types of sketching I put in each one this year, but I want to be better organized

*Post atleast once a week in my blog, with the hopes of being able to
post more often before summer begins

*I want to dwelve more into watercolor and acrylic painting--I have some *cough* but I want to paint something that is recognizable

last, most important, but definately not least--this is a pain but WHY?!!? lol

*I have to work on being more focused, sealing time to myself so that I can get busy
creating for my greeting cards.

Thanks for listening!

Have a Happy New Year!<



Nina Johansson said...

Interesting to read your goals for 2008. Thanks for sharing, and good luck!

Roshanda said...

Good goals! I like to draw in pencil, refine with pen and ink, and then color with watercolors. It allows me to play with the paints without the pressure. Good luck on all your goals.