Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 Goals

Well, we were challenged in EDM to put down our art goals for 2008. My Goal Buddy stated that I did them fast lol. It wasn't that they were done hastily, they were already at the forefront of my mind and it felt good to write them down.

I think about them a lot and having a Goal Buddy will challenge me to push past anxieties, begin trying to get those things that I see in my dreams out of my head, and begin to get things done.

I will probably add more as the year progresses, but these are the things that are on my mind a lot.

My Art Goals for 2008

5:44 PM 12/31/2007

*I plan to doodle/draw SOMETHING everyday--I did this in the summer but need to return

*I plan to start atleast 3 more sketchbooks this year--I organized the types of sketching I put in each one this year, but I want to be better organized

*Post atleast once a week in my blog, with the hopes of being able to
post more often before summer begins

*I want to dwelve more into watercolor and acrylic painting--I have some *cough* but I want to paint something that is recognizable

last, most important, but definately not least--this is a pain but WHY?!!? lol

*I have to work on being more focused, sealing time to myself so that I can get busy
creating for my greeting cards.

Thanks for listening!

Have a Happy New Year!<


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

EDM #1 Shoe

This is my first challenge in EDM which stands for Every Day Matters a yahoo group. I like it. There is no pressure, you work at your own pace and progress. The people there are helpful too. There are other in the group that paint, make jewelry, scrapbook and all sorts of creative things. But just as the group name implies, Every Day Matters. I'm glad I found the group.

I wasn't sure of the first challenge, I was thinking that it was Shoes plural, but I'm glad it was only to draw a shoe lol...the other shoe was more pitiful looking and really off balance, that is why the picture is cropped.

Thanks for looking and your comments. Drawn in pencil

Monday, December 24, 2007


Today, this Christmas Eve 2007 I'm a bit frazzled. Not because of the shopping, running around etc. but because I lost my best friend on Dec 3. I have spent every holiday alone at one time or another in my life..but I could atleast hear her voice if we were not close enough to hug.

We had the longest relationship I have ever had..a whole 45yrs. (The last time I will ever admit that lol) There were times we wanted to divorce eachother, but we always came back together, she taught me to not go to bed angry. Im still working on that.

I know she loved me unconditionally because, someone who truly loves you may not inturn always agree..but that love is there no matter how many bad days or quirky faults you have. It is called accepting a person for who they are.

She became my best friend as I entered adulthood, and we talked about everything under the sun from sex, drugs, rock n roll and everything in between.

She was the only person I have ever known who ever really knew and understood me..and yet, still she loved me. Not because she had to, I know this because while you may know a person, it takes love to want to understand them.

No, she didn't agree with everything I said or did, as she taught me someone of that character meant you no good..but when I needed a cheering section she was there always. She taught me how to love life, live life and how not to let the chains a boxed mind, capture and keep me.

She challenged and encouraged me. When something bothered me and I asked "What am I gonna do now" her response was always "You are gonna do better". I know that because of the quality time that God gave us together, and all of the gifts that she passed on to me throughout my life, that it will be hard, to just "do better", but I know that because I was blessed to have her in my life, I have the skills that will enable me to be able to do so.

It was nothing at all for me to do as much as I could, whatever I could do to comfort and assist her. She has never abandoned or left me when I needed her.

Yet that demon Cancer thought it would have the first and final say, but Jesus did instead. She was taken away and carried into his bosom before unbearable pain would come to her door.

For years whenever someone lost a loved one I would always share Isaiah 57:1. The Lord showed it to me one day while I was searching and I thought that was a much needed scripture, but secretly worried if people would be offended by it.
Now, as I need it, I see it as a promise fulfilled and comfort in knowing it.

God promised that we would not feel the sting of death.

The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come--Isiah 57:1

I know that I will see you again one day mama in heaven, whole, new, healthy and still being silly together and sporting that famous smile you have. We both accepted Christ as Lord and savior of our lives. Where will your soul be one minute after you die?

I will love, need and miss you always and forever. I thank God for the time we had
Love always,



Friday, December 14, 2007

Varied Drawings

Freedom of Speech


Pencil drawing

Happy Feet


Scanned and mirrored pencil drawing

Love Hurts


Mouse Drawn in PSP7

Mr Juicer


Scanned pencil drawing colorized in PS7

Mr Romantic


Mouse drawn and colorized in PSP7