Thursday, January 24, 2008

EDM #10--Draw a hand

Here is my effort for EDM, Every Day Matters yahoo group. The orignal in my sketch book looks much better, this is how the scan came out. I started one earlier in the day but as I was doing my outter lines someone came to the door...of course, and I could not get the thumb to stop looking like a foot lol.

Thanks for looking and for your comments. I am trying to work on better blending and being able to see the darkest darks and lightest lights, thanks Wendy

I used both B and 2B graphite pencils

*Note to self* Work on lights and darks!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

EDM #24 -- Draw a piece of fruit

Here is my offering for EDM #24 Draw a piece of fruit. Which I drew with a 2B pencil. I still have a long way to go. This was a pear that came in a beautiful Christmas basket which had about 6 or 7 different cakes on the top, and pears along with other fruits on the botton.

It was not until after all of the sweets were gone did we realize that there hard to be something else in the basket. It was so heavy. If my sister had not looked under the straw this un edible pear would be in even worse shape lol.

Thank you for looking and please know that your comments are welcome

Monday, January 7, 2008

I Hate Clowns

Well, not me, I really don't hate clowns, but ummm let's name her Melissa. Yea, Melissa sure does. Actually she was one of the first faces I tried drawing with a reference photo..well of course I will say she is EXACTLY like the ref photo rofl..but not so!

Her face is a bit more stretched and yes that was the expression..but the original photographer will not recognize her at all! I started this a few months ago in the summertime, and later as I was trying out the different pencils, drew the hideous

My nephew gave me a HUGE sketch book last Christmas, 2006 that is. It is a Canson 11x 14 size paged book. I was scared to draw in it...I always start somewhere in the middle anyway, but I was just scared and definately didnt want any of my doodles in it lol..(the clown is a doodle!)

I reserve it mainly for human subjects. (I will let you know how long that lasts) My favorite sketch book which is 8 1/2 x 11 only has 12 clean free pages left. I played with Melissa a bit more today. And I can now say I'm finished. My eraser is leaving marks now -- so yes she is finished lol

2b & 4b pencils

Sunday, January 6, 2008

EDM #26 -- Draw anything you like

New Year Berry

This is my challenge to EDM #26 Draw aything you like. Like a lot of things I start on, this one started out as something else. Then of course my "other" self grabbed the pencil and traveled off to Fantasy Land.

This is where the New Year Berry resides. As you can see *If you put on your imagination glasses*, there are clusters of berries which have a reddish color and darker base which actually softens as it ages into bloom. The strange flower like flute at the top emerges as a magnificent flower which is multifaceted. Local legend says that the forest animals such as deer and others eat the berries and are healed, their coats restored, and they appear youthful.

It only appears on New Year's Day and is in this present state until the first day of spring when it blooms for a month only to dissappear again until the following New Years Day.

Well, I thought it was cute lol

Note to self: Try more color balance

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Weekend Doodle #2 -- Cheesy Clown

Here is my doodle for today lol..I did him when I got home from work.

I named him Cheesy Clown because I sure did want my favorite dessert tonight, cheesecake! My favorite is not sold in the grocers and the ones that staredback at me looked pitiful to say the least. I have quite a collection of various cheesecake recipes but have never made one yet.

When I was a teenager one of my aunts --Aunt Alma, used to make them from scratch, she was also the head baker at Bush one could bake the way she did. That was my first introduction to my delicious treat. To me, there is nothing as fabulous as cheesecake topped with whipped cream which is stacked high and poofs like little clouds. The cheeries on top are so big and juicy, with juice that rolls down the sides of the cake and pools onto the saucer *whew!*--All on the right cheesecake of course!

I then sit with my right leg under me, tap and twirl the left, all while savoring each and every bite! It is pleasurable to me lol. I actually look like Cheesy Clown when I'm just thinking about cheesecake. I have smiles from ear to ear. So far I have only found one place that serves cheesecake anything similar to Aunt Alma's. One day I will bake the perfect cheesecake *yeah right, huh".

My goal for my Daily Doodle is to draw something quick and hopefully cute. I did take much more time then I wanted to because I kept changing his mouth. And yet, it still isn't right. Oh well, that's what practice is for :)

Note to self: Why is he blue instead of black? *sigh*

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Weekend Doodle #1 -- Unemployed Elf

This quick sketch is of an unemployed elf. I am reading Andrew Loomis's book FUN WITH A PENCIL. I am enjoying it and trying out some of the exercises.

I wonder what those elves do after those long and tiring days of Christmas picking and packing toys. And how do they THEN manage to load the sleigh, ride along and THEN assist Santa as he put out all sorts of goodies to the children of the world anyway!

Well, I don't know about you, but to me he sure looks worn, hagged and just a tab bit worried :)

Note to self: Learn how to clean up pencil smudges