Monday, June 30, 2008

EDM #36--Draw in Public

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Here are some sketches I did today while at the Department of Motor Vehicle. They fit well for the EDM #36 challenge, draw in public. There were 4 older gentlemen sitting in the row right in front of me and they had such beautiful faces. I had put off this challenge because I felt soooooooo intimidated about even attempting to draw in public.

As a teen I would sit under a tree in public and do it freely! Wow how things change. To my surprise however, the man next to me was very quiet and polite as his eyes lingered onto my paper.

The woman who was passing by, stopped and tried to look as if there were no more seats, lol..but I didnt get nervous and that was beause I just zoned out! Had fun and here are 4 men..well 3 and a half :)

I used HB, 2B, B graphite pencils and a little mechanical pencil, which I believe is my favorite :)

Weekend Doodle #9--Just Some Stuff :)

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Here are some of this past weekend's doodles. I had fun as usual, Im loosing up more. I finally came to the realization that this is my art, and since I love doing it, it should be fun and without pressure or comparison to another.

The above mentioned qualities all imposed on me, by *cough* me. Soooo, now I'm more free in my thinking. Still loving it and having more fun as a result.

We had storms all over the state of Georgia yesterday, I got in the middle of the house just in case a tornado dropped. Wow I didnt think I would fall asleep especially on hard wood floors, can you say ouchhhhh!

I used HB, B, 2B and some generic mechanical pencil

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

EDM #175--Draw a basket

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Here is my answer to EDM challenge #175 draw a basket. This basket originally held a pot which had a beautiful peace lily. Now with a plastic bag inside, it serves as a waste basket for my office.

No need to discuss why the peace lily no longer resides here. Too painful to think about, but I know it is probably a very nice mulch for someone :)

I kept looking at my basket, and although it is not a deeply detailed product, I like it a lot

I used HB, B and 2B graphite pencils