Tuesday, June 24, 2008

EDM #175--Draw a basket

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Here is my answer to EDM challenge #175 draw a basket. This basket originally held a pot which had a beautiful peace lily. Now with a plastic bag inside, it serves as a waste basket for my office.

No need to discuss why the peace lily no longer resides here. Too painful to think about, but I know it is probably a very nice mulch for someone :)

I kept looking at my basket, and although it is not a deeply detailed product, I like it a lot

I used HB, B and 2B graphite pencils


odd chick said...

I love your basket. But I especially liked your heart and the beautiful words you said. I also believe that if we accept that Jesus was telling us the truth about the reality of the world that we will gain real life -the life we were created to live. Not without struggles -but contented, peaceful, expansive lives.

Margaret Ann said...

Funny thing about baskets...they are far more complex than they look...a great job here...like the perspective angle you chose too! :)

So glad you liked my "Spirit Blossoms" I must get back to making them...now with the heat of the Arizona summer I have no excuses not to...Your comment may have been just what I needed to jump start me in that area! :)LOL Thanks! :)

Sandy said...

What a fabulous backet, one of the best posted!!