Saturday, January 5, 2008

Weekend Doodle #2 -- Cheesy Clown

Here is my doodle for today lol..I did him when I got home from work.

I named him Cheesy Clown because I sure did want my favorite dessert tonight, cheesecake! My favorite is not sold in the grocers and the ones that staredback at me looked pitiful to say the least. I have quite a collection of various cheesecake recipes but have never made one yet.

When I was a teenager one of my aunts --Aunt Alma, used to make them from scratch, she was also the head baker at Bush one could bake the way she did. That was my first introduction to my delicious treat. To me, there is nothing as fabulous as cheesecake topped with whipped cream which is stacked high and poofs like little clouds. The cheeries on top are so big and juicy, with juice that rolls down the sides of the cake and pools onto the saucer *whew!*--All on the right cheesecake of course!

I then sit with my right leg under me, tap and twirl the left, all while savoring each and every bite! It is pleasurable to me lol. I actually look like Cheesy Clown when I'm just thinking about cheesecake. I have smiles from ear to ear. So far I have only found one place that serves cheesecake anything similar to Aunt Alma's. One day I will bake the perfect cheesecake *yeah right, huh".

My goal for my Daily Doodle is to draw something quick and hopefully cute. I did take much more time then I wanted to because I kept changing his mouth. And yet, it still isn't right. Oh well, that's what practice is for :)

Note to self: Why is he blue instead of black? *sigh*

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peachtreeart said...

I love cheese cake, not the chocolate one though. Txs. for stopping by :).