Monday, March 3, 2008

The Amber Award

Here is a great award that one of my neices gave me this past November. I call it the Amber Award, because of her name. It had been resting on my refrigerator and when she gave me this, I was moved to tears. Then she showed me the back side and the tears began to fall.

Earlier in the evening she asked me if I were an art teacher and I blushed like crazy lol. It was later on that I was presented with this wonderful surprise. I felt like I was somebody lol.

In January after she and her sister were going through my sketch books and looking at a failed attempt at a water color painting, her sister Alycia exclaimed "Auntie Pam, are you an artist?" Hmm an artist I had never thought of myself that way before. I will totally accept that! :)

Now, I have some sense of how parents feel when their children draw or paint pictures for them. I am going to move my Amber Award from my fridge and put it into a frame that I have already picked out. Thank you Auntie's princesses for making me feel so special. Maybe the next time we are together, we will make more refrigerator magnets or try our hands again at making keychains :)


Margaret Ann said...

So Sweet...This award tops them all...truly from the heart...How can life get any better! :)

no way said...

I love it. What a sweet niece you have!

Ann said...

That is so sweet! Yes, it does need to be framed!

Anonymous said...

I started to cry a bit reading this post. Your nieces are so sweet and insightful. Definitely frame that. What an inspiration!