Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weekend Doodle #4--Tones, tones, tones

Here are some more of my weekend doodles. I was trying to get more tonal effects in my work. As I doodled the various shapes, I tried imagining different light sources, although the more I look at them--the more they seem to have the same one lol..but I'm a learning!

I used HB, 2B, 3B and tried one of my charcoal pencils. I really do not like charcoal pencils. Using them is like hearing nails scratching a chalk board! Yukkkk! I would like to try the Wolff's carbon pencils though


Just because said...

Bring on the tones! I agree with you about the charcoal... has to be a better way. So many artists put together wonderful pieces in charcoal. I'll bet their hair stands on end the whole time.

Alan said...

I see you snuck a head in there. I have yet to try people. I work from home in my basement office so I am not among you humans much.