Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hexagon Carafe

Carafe by Pamyla

I sure have missed playing with Hexagon! I have been working on learning 3D modeling, when I came across blender 3D, and decided to jump ship. *sigh* So far, I have about 20 products from Hexagon and 2 from blender lol
. What made me jump ship in the first place? Well Hexagon does not have a render engine, whereas blender has a built in renderer, game engine, rigging capabilities etc. I could actually produce a short animated movie (a dream of mine) but the proggie is really hard to learn. The interface and tools really get to me. Now I am back with my love Hexagon and still producing simple projects, but at least I am producing's a back to the drawing board type of thing.
But for me it is frustrating. I really want to create and.produce my own characters and a short film. So, the time that I put into blender, I could have invested getting to know Hexagon better. Isn't life just funny like that? The moral of this story: **Haste makes waste **
What do you think?

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