Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Doodle #6--Working it out!

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Here are some of my doodles from this weekend. I did these on both Saturday and Sunday. It wasn't until someone commented on my doodles last week that I realized ok oh well, they really ARE little drawings like someone mentioned.

I had to look at my doodle doodles to realize this. So I suppose that my Weekend Doodles are really doodles that are worked out, because they usually do start out as squiggly lines, circles and other what nots.

I also, as ever, worked out more textures too, I am pleased with some of the textures that I have created. I used 2B & 4B carbon pencils, along with HB, 2B, & 8B graphite pencils


Scarlett said...

I love your doodles! Don't stop. The thread spool is so good, I can see the individual threads clearly. Well done.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. The "Dead Man's hand" is a historical story. Back in the Wild Wild West, that is supposedly the hand that Wild Bill Hickok had when he was shot and killed. The 5th card is unknown and debatable. I love history and a lot of the Wild West History is just insane crazy. They had a completely non-civil kind of rules out there.

Anonymous said...

PamYla, these are so cool. I really like your bold tones. That spool of thread is great. Shaded just right. another nice eye as well. The highlight really shapes the eye. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Doodles, huh? Yours are more like mini works of art than doodles! My doodles are little squiggly lines ;-). I like your pot, too, especially the background shading (negative space?).

David Te said...


I agree with genxsters, your eye doodle looks great. Perhaps you could draw the eyelashes closer to each other to make them fuller and more natural looking.

Keep on drawing and practicing.