Friday, April 11, 2008

EDM #4--Draw your cup

Here is my EDM challenge, draw your mug or cup. This coffee cup drawing does not do the original a lot of justice but I will get better over time. The original has a drawing of Alaskan life on the river.

This is one of the many cups that I got when I was living in Alaska. Anica is the name of a village I THINK, but I do know that it was the name of a grocer in Bethel where I lived for 18 months.

I miss living there, the people are oh so different and live at a much slower pace of life. The big factor that will keep me away from there are the 8 to 9 months of winter. It is extremely icy and dangerous.

The natives still do a lot of living off of the land, and are always helping neighbors. It is another world compared to Atlanta. The Yupik Eskimoe are a people anyone would love.

They are a bit slow to warm up to you, but once they do they are a friend for life, unless they feel that you have wronged them, then they will not have anything else to do with you. They are bad about holding grudges.

I used 2B,HB and 6B carbon pencils


Just because said...

Amazing how a mug can be part of such a bigger story. I've never been to Alaska, but what I would give to be in a place where life was slower and people were more genuine (assuming I don't cross anyone!).


Anonymous said...

I like the stylized mug, and the moody background. And interesting info about Alaska - I have always been curious about life up there.

Anonymous said...

Love the mug, it has such a dark, brooding feel to it. Reminds me of winter!!

Scrappy Cat said...

Cool mug - and amazing that you lived in Alaska. We visited there 6 years ago and loved it.

jpsam said...


Thanks for the supportive comments on my blog.