Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ughhhhhhhh! I get soo frustrated. I have been learning about different papers and their textures as well as differences between brands of pencils. A month ago, I bought this really cool sketch book that is spiral bound which is great because the paper lies flat.

But the paper is oh so slick, and very hard for me to work with. It has no tooth at all...I get so frustrated.

The larger Bristol pads intimidate me, and I do not care to fold back the pages. I will have to get over this hurdle..Oh and I need to practice more too.

I guess most of my frustration comes from being able to 'see' things, but not get the proportions down correctly. Excuses, excuses!

Hmmm 5 excuses in this post! Geesh! I need to stop listening to the lazy voice that comes up more times than I would rather see lol

Colored paper! Yea maybe try some colored paper, and I will magically begin to draw beautiful things!!


Ann said...

Oh, paper can be a big issue with pencil drawing! It's good you are experimenting. Sometimes art suppliers will put together sample packs. I know Cheap Joe's does. It can be such a personal issue in what you prefer. For graphite drawing I always liked Canson Drawing paper in classic cream. It says medium tooth/80lb. I think they make white also. And it comes in spiral pads of all sizes. Another good one for pencil is Stonehenge. Hang in there! You do wonderful art work! And paper can make a big difference in drawing :)

Faith Te said...

I understand how you feel, Pamyla. I still go through that myself, although not as often as before since I've made Canson Grain my "regular" paper. I can't really say that it's perfect for my pencil drawings, but it certainly is the best acid-free paper I've tried so far. Quite a number of pencil artists I admire use Arches Hot Press so I have been wanting to try that paper too.

Anyway, thanks very much again for commenting on the drawing tutorials on our blog...and for making our website the Site of the Week. Happy drawing and keep it up!

Lots of love,