Wednesday, May 14, 2008

EDM #25 -- Draw a glass

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Here is my entry to EDM #25 draw a glass. This is my water glass on my favorite coaster. I hae not as of yet captured the true esssense of glass.

Actually, this is my first attempt, but over oooooooooooover time lol. Atlanta weather was mild, a very pretty day actually.

I used B,2B and 4H graphite pencils

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peachtreeart said...

Actually yesterday was my last day of school and I'll be at the graduation ceremony on Saturday. It was no fun for me having my son and dog hog my bed. :) My son kicks and grinds his teeth and my dog who still sleeps with me hogs the blankets. But I don't mind the son is too old to sleep with mom and I kicked him out around 7. Now if he happens to fall asleep on my bed I sleep in his sleeping bag in the closet :)